BBHW @ Lividum Herentals.

From September 2022 we can provide you our endurance services at Lividum Herentals.

Together with Joachim from Lividum we created a place were you can enjoy the best preparation for your endurance goals !

Besides the Inscyd metabloic/performance testing we created a place were you can ride on Zwift with a BBHW cycling plan or focus on your off bike strength training, core stability and enjoying the Lividum infrastructure !

Before or after your training session you can enjoy a drink at the Lividum coffebar! 

Cycling Trainingplans @ Lividum:

You can get a personal trainingplan to get faster and fitter on your bike!

Our programs are easy to use on Zwift with a smart trainer or on the road. ( power or heartrate based )

Price : 120 Euro for a 6 weeks plan on Trainingpeaks.

Inscyd testing service:

Get the best out of your cycling or running with the Inscyd testing.

On the bike testing at Lividum is possible with or without guidance of our Inscyd specialist.

Running testing at your favorite track with or without the guidance of our Inscyd specialist. 

Test results and training advice after test.

Price : 150 Euro.

Strength and Core @ Lividum:

You can get a personal strength and core stability plan , you can train at Lividum Herentals and combine it with riding on our Wahoo smarttrainer. 

Price  on demand.

Feel free to send us an email or whatsapp message with questions about our services..